EyeMed New Business Model

As the chairperson of the TSO Professional Affairs Committee (PAC), I recently learned that Davis Vision EyeMed recently announced the implementation of an updated business model.  According to EyeMed this new model was designed to support provider practice growth, simplify administration and deliver a wide choice of products and labs. 

Changes will include an expansion of their pilot program with Essilor Laboratories of America (ELOA).  The plan is to expand the lab pilot program to 60 ELOA labs and in October specific Essilor Partner Labs as well as the Walman Optical Company.  

EyeMed Highlights

·        Single-vision in-office finishing program for providers will go into effect.
·        Improve exam reimbursements and profit opportunities for most providers.
·        Deliver an improved experience to clients, members and providers.
·        Consolidate hundreds of client-specific fee schedules to about 15, which will pay more dollars annually in increased provider reimbursements.
·        Combine claims and order functions to make it easier to serve EyeMed members.
·        Member benefits remain the same and providers continue to supply the frame of their choice. 
·        Providers will register for labs from 60 offered in EyeMed’s new national network.
·        Providers can register for as many labs within the EyeMed network as desired and can change labs within the network at any time. 
·        Expanded online claims system such as tracking and reconciliation of order changes in addition to claims entry.

New provider contracts will be sent out beginning this in June.  Check your mail and email for information from EyeMed through the end of this year to ensure a smooth transition.  To help providers through the change they will be conducting webcasts, contracting hotline and other training tools.   

Go to EyeMed’s Provider Focus to learn how to participate and get additional information.