EyeCarePro Introduces a New Call Tracking System

Understanding the results of your marketing efforts is as important as the marketing activities themselves. EyeCarePro encourages all of the TSO practices to be acutely aware of the new appointment data (our results focus) on a monthly basis. That data is emailed to each practice at the be- ginning of each month regarding the previous month’s activity.

Interestingly, we know that new appointments that are scheduled through your website represent only 25% of the appointments being caused by your website. How is that possible? Today, we know that most people visit your website to gather the needed contact information, leave the website and pick up a phone to call for an appointment. Without the proper data capture tools, these calls are never associated with your website and the value of your site may seem less than it really is. For example, a practice that generates six appointments through their website is actually generating between 18 – 25 new appointments from their website.

Today, EyeCarePro is pleased to introduce a phone call capture system that inte- grates completely with your website and your website reporting system at no cost to you (if you have either our ODLite or ODLingo services).

How does it work? EyeCarePro assigns a unique phone number to your website. This phone number is only found on your website and on no other marketing materials. This way, when it is used, you will know that the individual calling has been prompted by your website.

You can now track this caller, their zip code and whether the call resulted from an existing patient or new patient appointment. This data is automatically captured and stored with your website data, providing a significantly more robust report and a more complete view on the results of your website.

Appointment booking through your website is a growing, efficient trend that will only increase with time. EyeCarePro now captures the results of your online marketing from your website, your mobile site, and your incoming calls generated by your website to show you the work your website is doing on behalf of your practice. Ensuring your website is capturing appointments and how to improve this effort is very important to the overall effectiveness of your online marketing program and the growth of your patient base.