EyeCarePro continues to roll out new TSO Network office sites!

As part of the TSO Network’s ongoing effort to support the growth of your practice, TSO Marketing is redirecting current TSO.com office websites to new, fully customized, professional websites provided by EyeCarePro.Net for all TSO Network Offices. So far, over 55 TSO Offices have launched their new websites!

Here is what the Doctors of TSO are saying about their new websites:

“I love the ease of navigation and the presentation of my new website. I feel like my patients now have a “wow” factor when they land on our page. Not only does having my own URL make it easier for my patients to find me, but I feel like I can have the personality of my office infused into the TSO brand.” – Christy Jew, OD Magnolia TSO

“The best part about my new website is the effortlessness functionality. Not only is the website maintenance uncomplicated, but our patients can navigate with ease. It is a great help for my patients to have access to online patient forms and it makes for a simpler management system internally. Also, I like that our site is constantly updated with educational materials from credible sources. It increases our patient awareness in the importance of eye health and builds trust with our office.” – Wayne Maltz, OD Champions TSO

What are some of the benefits and features of the newly launched EyeCarePro sites?  Each TSO office now has the ability to:

  • Increase their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to raise the online profile for each TSO Network office and build brand awareness;
  • Easily change and update the content on their website with an easy-to-use web site editor;
  • Use an simple online appointment scheduling method;
  • Ensure HIPPAA compliant transmission of online patient practice forms that can be completed online by patients;
  • Connect with patients through Facebook, Twitter and a variety of other common social media tools by including links to your accounts from within your EyeCarePro.net web site
  • List a specific domain name for their new website (For example: www.fortworthtso.com)

For additional questions on EyeCarePro services or to set up your new TSO Network office website, visit www.eyecarepro.net or contact Michael Porat of EyeCarePro directly.

Michael Porat
(347) 618-0784