Engage, Engage, Engage!

Learn to love the potential for social networking with your patients!

If you work hard at it, eventually, your patients will promote your practice for you, and that’s real power of social media.

Engage, Engage, Engage

    • Use the posts provided to you in the Fouth Quarter Marketing Toolkit or start with your own humorous pictures and thought-provoking commentary.
    • Use optical illusion photos to challenge your followers or use Google to find some fun, interesting facts about the eyes.
    • Use YouTube to post links to helpful articles or videos that may help your patients.
    • Diversify the content you post to achieve the greatest results.

A few minutes of genuine attention every few days will go a huge distance towards making you seem accessible to your patients. People love getting attention and this practice builds loyal advocates for your brand.

Track Your Progress

There is a bit of science to maximizing your results on Facebook and like with any scientific method, it is important to experiment, to test theories and to track results.

On Facebook, this means using the tools that Facebook provides to watch the trend of your ‘fans’ interactions with your posts. Are you getting new ‘Likes’ regularly? Do you see a rise in the number of people commenting?

So, where do you find these helpful instruments? Click the link on your Facebook Insights to see all the helpful analytics Facebook provides. Experiment with different content and types of posts to see what works best with your audience. Be as human and genuine in your interactions with your patients as you are with them in person and they will love you for it!