Dr. Renee Dunlap Hosts Staff Training

“I closed my office the day before Thanksgiving to do an in-service with my staff.  We did the training on the new HIPPA regulations. I presented Dr. Kevin Gee’s “Creating Wow” Power Point as well as the pertinent customer service information from Dr. Wright’s lecture from the TSO Practice Management seminar.  Each employee also presented to the rest of the staff with information they garnered from a TSO webinar in which they participated. It was great because everyone had something to contribute! It was a very productive 3/4 day, and I am still seeing an improvement in customer service, teamwork and overall better attitude of the staff.  I highly recommend this if there are any issues which need to be resolved in a practice.  It certainly emphasizes to the staff how important the issues are if the doctor is willing to close the office!”

Renee T. Dunlap, OD