Dr. Nielsen Supports Prevent Blindness Texas

“In order to help Prevent Blindness in Texas, both individually and as an office,
my staff and I raised money that was donated during the Light the Night for Sight 5k Event that was held at Sea World in San Antonio. We created a TSO team and asked our family, friends and patients for donations that would provide vision support to those in need across Texas. We also performed free exams for patients with the Prevent Blindness vouchers. In addition to supporting Prevent Blindness Texas, we also assist our local Lion’s Club by performing free eye exams and
providing glasses at no charge to the patient. I am also participating in Vision USA. Vision USA is a program that allows low-income patients to apply for a free eye exam from a local doctor that is part of the program. I donate two exams per month to this venture. I think it’s important for private practice doctors to remember that they’re not just running a business to make a profit. We are still doctors and our main obligation is still to the wellbeing of our patients and potential patients. Thus, I try to keep my staff on that note as well.”
— Dr. Leigha Nielsen