Dr. Fazlalizadeh Represents Committee at UHCO

Thank you to Dr. Fazlalizadeh and the political affairs committee for their continued support of the Texas optometry schools. On January 6, Dr. Fazlalizadeh led a clinical workshop for the students of the University of Houston College of Optometry.

Dr. Fazlalizadeh stated, “The one hour clinical workshop was on the topic: “The Power of Communication: Building Your Clinical Communication Skills.” It was designed for the entire third year optometry class with mandatory attendance, so approximately 100 students with a few faculty were present. The workshop was approved by the clinical director of the UHCO Family Practice Clinic. If a benefit was gained, the UHCO clinical director wants to incorporate this workshop to the third year curriculum. Feedback appeared to be positive after the presentation. The event was video recorded and included an interactive segment with student participation.”