Dr. Faz Celebrates Mission Trip

During early April of 2013, Dr. Elle Fazlalizadeh and her staff member, Heather Diaz, went on a mission trip, providing eye care to indigent people in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico.

Dr. Fazlalizadeh and Miss Diaz served at The Guerrero Surgery & Education Center, a Rotary sponsored organization and has volunteers from the United States as well as Mexico.

Over 700 eye exams were completed, 208 cataract surgeries performed and 309 total dispensed glasses among a clinic of five American optometrists and two ophthalmologists, within a short three day period.

“I truly believe our core belief should transcend beyond our local communities. During our trip we encountered several individuals who had been blind for years due to uncorrected refractive error, dense cataracts or other etiologies. Providing the immediate gift of sight allowed individuals to regain their dependence and be able to enjoy life once again.” Dr. Elle Fazlalizadeh