Dr. Elle Fazlalizadeh of Spring TSO Celebrates First Anniversary!

Congratulations to Dr. Elle Fazlalizadeh on celebrating her first anniversary as a Doctor of TSO! To commemorate her first year, we asked Dr. Fazlalizadeh her thoughts on her experiences thus far in the TSO Network.

Q: What lessons have you learned on the clinical side over the past year?

A: The standard of care should be constantly challenged and technology can be the answer. Incorporating state of the art technology not only serves as eye-candy and has patient appeal but also allows a practitioner to provide service at a level beyond the competitor. 

Q: What lessons have you learned on the dispensary side over the past year?

A: Based on your demographic study and consideration of factors such as the median household income, you can anticipate your probable clientele. With this, the distribution of economy frames, brand name frames and luxury frames can initially be set. However as your business grows, the distribution of frame types change depending on which individuals actually walk through your door.You may be surprised to see which styles and brands do well and which do not. When investing in an expensive luxury line, there is some risk that the brand may do very poor in your demographic despite the large appeal the brand name may have.

Q:  What has been your greatest challenge? 

A: Staff. Not one person will be more vested in your business than yourself. Finding individuals who are dedicated, motivated, committed and also share some part of your vision for the growth of the business has been difficult. I am happy to say that today I am pleased with my staff.

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment, in your opinion?

A: Letting go and allowing the business to run itself.  In the beginning, micromanagement of every aspect of the office from the most mundane task to the most complex was all my responsibility. Delegation was difficult, especially when you have the mentality that no one else could do the task as well as yourself. But as the business grows, you learn to have faith in your staff and the business that you worked so hard to fine-tune from the beginning.

Q: What parts of the Network support you received did you feel have been most helpful?

A: Quarterly meetings that incorporated staff were valuable in building a sense of commitment to our office and the TSO network.

Q: What one piece of advice would you give a doctor opening his or her first TSO office?

A: Take time to get to know your patients. Establishing a relationship beyond a patient’s eye care needs is not only rewarding but fruitful. It is humbling to see patients referring their family and friends.