Dr. Beth Anderson Cares for the Eyes of Tanzania

Congratulations to Dr. Beth Anderson for reaching out to care for the community of Musoma, Tanzania.
“I’ve connected with a WONDERFUL family that goes on mission trips to Africa. We are setting up a micro business for individuals in different villages to be the “first” eye care professionals there. We deployed the kit at the African Inland Church Tanzania (AICT) Medical Clinic in Musoma, Tanzania where we trained medical staff, AICT community development staff, and a representative from Bukabwa, our adopted village. The plan is for the clinic to initially offer vision screening and reading glasses as part of its services to the community. This will allow the AICT to become better familiar with the kit before deploying it into villages. By training both the AICT’s medical staff and community development staff, we now have a means to effectively deploy future kits as part of mobile medical outreach clinics and micro-business initiatives in impoverished villages. It’s pretty neat. We sent our first kit in June and will send a second in August.”