Do Not Leave Money on the Table

Like most doctors, I have been busy making sure my EHR would satisfy the meaningful use requirements. The requirements are not easy to satisfy but they would help me do better history and documentation in a long run. 2013 is a very important year from an EHR meaningful use incentive perspective. It is a year that we should not ignore if we have plans to move into a certified EMR system and get the most incentive money from Uncle Sam. Under the HITECH act, 2013 is the last chance to get the full $44,000 under the Medicare meaningful use program.

The HITECH incentive plan began January 1, 2011. On that date, CMS began the meaningful use program under the first of three stages. In stage 1, which is the easiest of the three stages, a doctor needs to satisfy only for 90 days for the first year. A check of the amount of $18,000 will be mailed to you. If you cannot fulfill the stage 1 requirement in 2012 or earlier, you lose $5,000 of your total incentive.

It is not too late to get 90 days of meaningful use of your EFR. Time is running out, but you can still have few months to claim the total amount of $44,000. Do not leave them on the table.