Digital Media Campaign

Love Advertising has recommended a three month digital media campaign (October, November, December) for the Houston Marketing Council. The primary objective of this campaign is to drive online appointment scheduling for each participating TSO location. Each campaign will be optimized towards conversion action and tracked separately at the individual office level.

How does this campaign work?

With today’s technology, consumers can be easily followed on the internet. What does that mean? Have you ever been online searching for vacation deals? If you notice, after you’ve completed that search you’re still seeing pop-ads about vacation deals. This is exactly how this campaign will work. Love Advertising has the ability to follow consumers searching for any type of eyewear, and will be able to follow those consumers when they’re online and place a TSO ad in front of them even if they’re searching for a watch!

Targeting Strategies

• Geo-targeted 5 mile radius from each office location.
• Users will be driven directly to the individual office’s website.
• Each campaign will be tracked and optimized separately.

Each month Love Advertising will send a report detailing the number of impressions, click through’s and conversions (booked appointments) each office had. The primary objective is to drive online appointment scheduling for each participating TSO location, as well as significantly exceed current organic conversion rates and to efficiently drive traffic to each participating TSO website.