De Ja Vu: I’m Back, Like a Bad Penny.

After being your chairman in 2009, by popular demand, I will once again be Chairman in 2014. What a 2014 it will be. Since taking over TSO in 2001, John Marvin has been our President, CEO, Numero uno, and he is now stepping down. A new era will begin.

To begin this era, we will be reorganizing. The purpose is to give us, the members, better service. Since we the doctors own Texas State Optical we can change at any time without consulting some corporate entity. We are that corporate body. The board of directors, elected by our members, decides how we run this organization. There is no king, making millions off our backs at the top. We donate our time to run our group to serve its members. Texas State Optical is unique in that regard.

TSO is the best thing going in Optometry today. We are independent practices sharing a name. We practice our profession at the highest level possible to serve our patients. We, the doctors, call the shots from top to bottom. We all have a voice in what happens at TSO. The model of Texas State Optical is the envy of our entire profession.

I am honored and humbled, well honored, to chair the board for 2014. There is change in the winds. Let us, the board; know how you feel and what you desire. We are you, the doctors of TSO, and the best group in the country. I am a simple man from Pasadena Texas, honored at the chance to smile at you on every update. We will have fun.