Credentialing Within the TSO Network

All optometrists employed in TSO offices, whether full time or part time, are required to be properly enrolled and accepted into all TSO third-party vision plans prior to seeing or treating vision plan patients.

It is the doctor/owner’s responsibility to make sure that employed doctors have completed all the necessary credentialing documents required for acceptance into these plans.

Employed optometrists must also be credentialed and re-credentialed through TSO.

TSO is contracted with Precision Credentialing Services (PCS), a Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO), to do the bulk of our credentialing and recredentialing for our third-party plans. It is extremely important that all doctors working in TSO offices be credentialed through our CVO.

Please take a moment and verify that all optometrists working in your office have been properly enrolled in third-party plans and have been credentialed by our CVO. Please

contact Cindy Huynh at with any questions.