Creating Yes’s Training

Regional Manager, Rosie Daniel, has held a “Creating Yes’s” training for the TSO Network offices in the Golden Triangle, Houston and Galveston areas.

The purpose of the training was to teach staff members how to create positive emotions with patients, and properly greet patients as they walk through the door. “Creating positive energy begins when patients walk through the door,” says Rosie. “The easiest avenues to creating ‘yes moments’ is to acknowledge the patient, assure them that their needs are understood and assist them in purchasing based on their needs.”

Acknowledgement: To clarify the importance of greeting someone upon entering a TSO Network Office, Rosie acted as if a guest just walked into her home and she waited 15 seconds before the person was greeted. Seminar attendees agreed that it felt awkward to wait that long to be acknowledged. The goal of the skit was to show that if you wouldn’t do it at home, then it’s not acceptable in the workplace.

Assurance: Asking patients open-ended questions to understand their needs was another focal point of the training. “Asking questions such as ‘What do you like or dislike about your current glasses?’ is the perfect way to figure out the patient’s needs and educate the patient on the value of purchasing their eyewear.

Assistance: The biggest takeaway from the event was encouraging everyone in attendance to think like a patient. “As patients, we expect to receive assistance when we enter an establishment, have our needs heard and be treated with compassion and support. Being positively present with the patient is another way to create a ‘yes moment’. In order for someone to purchase something from you, a positive feeling about an item or service must occur,” said Rosie.

Upon the conclusion of the event, all in attendance were enthusiast to begin implementing these strategies with patients. Rosie will host additional “Creating Yes’s” training session in Northwest Texas and San Antonio during April. Check the calendar of events for more information.