Conquering Obstacles to Collecting Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is profitable to your practice.  It’s a fact.  However, most offices are not collecting insurance when making the appointment.  It can be a bit cumbersome for employees because it’s a change in a process that they have likely done for many years.

The obstacles routinely are:

· “We don’t have time to ask for the information when making the appointment.”
· “People do not want to give their medical card and get mad when we ask.”

The first obstacle is a matter of allocating time.  Does it take more time to enter the insurance information on the phone than it does in the office?

The second issue requires that the staff occasionally educate patients why the office needs the information.  Explain to them that it’s a doctor’s office and you need the information in case a medical issue arises.  The quicker explanation of “sometimes we can save you money with that policy” normally gets that card out of their wallet or purse quicker than you can say “improved care.”

Tip provided by Shane Shepherd, Principal in Practice Management Services, Inc Contact Center

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