Congratulations to Dr. Cameron Smith and Staff on Celebrating Five Years!

Dr. Cameron Smith of the TSO Mansfield office will be celebrating his five year anniversary with the TSO Network! When asked about his thoughts on his anniversary, here are his thoughts.

“We are energized about celebrating our five year anniversary! Not only am I excited, but my staff is as well, and that is important to me. I think that we have grown steadily over the past five years, and I am eager to see where the next five years brings my practice. With plenty of planning, I hope to be as successful in ten years and right now.

One of the fundamental attributes to the success of the Mansfield office has been the TSO name and brand that our patients have been so faithful to over the years. I feel that also, the generosity and helpfulness of the other Doctors of TSO willingly helping me over the years has been tremendous to the practice. “

Cheers to the next five years,

 Cameron Smith, OD