Coast to Coast partners with Total Vision Services

Coast to Coast (CTC) has been a vision plan partner with TSO for many years and now is partnering with Total Vision Services (TVS) to expand their provider panel.  TVS offers a variety of non-insured and insured healthcare benefits with the insured plan being underwritten by Avesis, which is also a TSO partner. 

Vision Monday announced a joint venture with between TVS and CTC combining vision panels to provide a larger vision network for both plans. 

CTC is a family discount plan but now expanding the definition of family.  The change will include not only immediate family but anyone living in the member’s household regardless of legal relationship, minor dependents, wherever they are residing, and parents age 65 of older regardless of where they reside.  Members can also cover adult children on their family membership who are up to age 26 if they are enrolled in a college or trade school, or any age if the adult child is medically disabled.  Also, members whose parents are younger than age 65 and medically disabled can also be included in a family membership.  

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If you have any questions or concerns contact your CTC provider service coordinator Lasandra Jordan at 800-800-3937 extension 1613.