Changes and Choices

The theme of this year’s Vision Quest is Changes and Choices.  This year we are focusing on the choices we make when faced with the endless list of changes that are occurring in our profession and our organization.

Change is the only constant.  Our lives and our practices are faced with change on an ongoing basis.  Whether it is change in third party reimbursement programs, change of staff, or regulations becoming more and more intrusive.  It seems we always are dealing with a change in the way we like things.  So if we cannot control the presence of change, what can we do?  We can control the choices we make.  We can choose to be frustrated and upset claiming that the change is not fair, or we can choose to look for the opportunities that these changes create.

We can choose to have a good attitude or bad. We can choose to be optimistic about the future of the profession or not.  It is all about the choices we make, not the changes that we experience.  This year we encourage you to embrace change and choose opportunity.