Celebrating TSO

We celebrate on many occasions and dates throughout the year, such as: Christmas, Independence Day, Birthdays, and anniversaries. This month we will celebrate OUR company, at Vision Quest. The venue looks terrific and the CE is focused on how the doctor and staff can best help their patients. But this is not only an opportunity to gain the required CE credits, and get in a couple of rounds of outstanding golf, we will get to share ideas and socialize throughout the event.

Vision Quest is a great opportunity for us to learn about new eye wear, new equipment and our vendor partners. While these are all valid reasons to attend the event, I believe the opportunity to network with your fellow TSO doctors is the most important reason to attend. . I have commented before on how I use these opportunities to “steal” ideas from other offices to help my own offices.  I have used the advice of fellow ODs and their staff members on adding a product line, which diagnostic instrument is best, and ideas on staff incentives, just to name a few. I truly believe that sharing and socializing with your fellow TSO partners is the best remedy for office stagnation. I urge all TSO doctors to take a few days off from seeing patients, and invest that time into stealing a few fresh ideas, and celebrating our company at Vision Quest.

See you there,

Benny Peña, OD