CAQH Update

Over the past few weeks, CAQH began sending the re-attestation reminder emails to applicable providers. As a result, a significantly larger number of providers are accessing the solution and successfully completing the re-attestation process.

These emails are being sent to the Primary Method of Contact (PMOC) and “PMOC cc:” email addresses on file in CAQH ProView. If you would like to be copied on these emails, please go to the Personal Information screen of the provider’s data profile and enter your email address in the PMOC cc: field.

Need to Re-attest? – Follow These Helpful Tips

The four steps outlined below will help your providers successfully re-attest with CAQH ProView.

Step 1: Access CAQH ProView Login and Bookmark These Links

  • CAQH Proview for providers:
  • CAQH ProView Practice Manager Module:

Step 2: Log in to CAQH ProView

The first time you login to CAQH ProView, you should expect to spend some time establishing your account and answering any newly required questions. Once you have completed your first attestation or re-attestation using CAQH ProView, the time required for your next re-attestation will be much shorter.

Step 3: Creating New CAQH ProView Usernames and Passwords

If you have not yet logged in to CAQH ProView, please note that you will need to enter your existing Universal Provider Datasource®(UPD) username and password the first time you access the solution. Next, you will be prompted to update your username and password:

  • Your username must be at least eight (8) characters that are a combination of letters and It cannot contain special characters or spaces.
  • Your password must be at least eight (8) characters and cannot be the same as your
  • If your existing UPD username meets the new requirements, you do not need to change

Step 4: Attend CAQH ProView Training

Live webinar training sessions for practice managers and providers are being added for June.


  • This article was published by CAQH News on May 27, 2015.