Business and Legal Resources (BLR) Employee Training

Now available to all TSO Offices: BLR Employee Training Center is a web-based training platform for employee customer service training.  You now have available a complete employee training center to use whenever and as often as you want.

BLR is a leading organization for online employee training and offers dozens of customer service training topics.  Customer service training courses cover topics such as: Phone Skills, Handling Complaints, Identifying Customer Needs and Team Building.

Click on attachment for a complete list of customer service topics.

With only a few minutes’ setup, your office will have a complete web-based customer service training program with professionally developed courses, employee testing capabilities, and systematic documentation of employee training sessions and scores.

Get started now by contacting Ann Deen with the office trainers name, office number, and email address.  Once Ann receives your account information BLR will conduct a webinar to review their system and answer questions.

Click any course title below to view a full description and preview the training experience.

  • Challenging Situations

Conflict Resolution for Employees

Handling Customer Complaints Training

Workplace Problem Solving Training for Employees

  • Communication Skills

Business Writing Skills Training for Employees

Listening To Customers Training

Effective Employee Communication Training

  • Customer Communications

Email Best Practices For Employees Training

Customer Service Phone Training – Phone Skills

  • Customer Relationship Management

Connect With Customers Training Online

Customer Service Skills Training

Customer Loyalty Training – Maintain Customer Loyalty

Identifying Customer Needs Training

Turn Satisfied Customers into Repeat Customers Training

  • Employee Attitude

Maintaining a Positive Attitude Training for Employees

Workplace Stress Management Training – Wellness Training

  • General Workplace Skills

Team Building Training for Employees – Workplace Team Building

Employee Time Management Training Course

  • Supervising Customer Care Staff

Employee Performance Training For Supervisors

Customer Service – How to Promote Among Staff Training

Employee Motivation Training – Staff Motivation Tips