Board of Directors Meeting Report

The TSO Network Board of Directors met in early November and had a full agenda. One of the main items on the agenda was the decision of whether or not to approve a proposal that was submitted to the board by the TSO Advertising & Marketing Committee.

The Advertising Committee had worked for over 18 months in evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the membership agreements provision for each member to contribute 5% of their gross sales for advertising. The proposal which was approved by the board on a unanimous vote, replaces the 5% advertising payment with a 2% brand license contribution. This change goes into effect January 1, 2015.

Another item on the agenda was to review a proposed framework of service standards to which all members would use in creating a consistent and distinct patient experience. This framework was largely developed during a day and a half leadership conference held in Houston in late October. After discussing the proposed framework, it was assigned to the Advertising Committee for thorough discussion and evaluation. The Advertising Committee will then bring their proposal back to the board.

The Board’s search committee reported on their work in reviewing optometry candidates for consideration as the organization’s next President. The committee has been working with Al Cleinman Performance Partners as a national search firm recruiting, screening and vetting prior to submitting candidates for the committee to interview. Recently three candidates were in Houston to conduct three to four hour interviews with members of the search committee. One of the candidates was eliminated from consideration and references are being contacted for the remaining two. It is likely that either both or the lead candidate will be brought back for a second interview when additional board members and network leaders will be invited to participate.

The Board approved a recommendation by the Search Committee for three candidates to present to shareholders for election to the Board of Directors with terms beginning in January of 2015. The online election is being conducted through December 9. The profiles of the three non-shareholder candidates have been sent to all shareholders along with instructions for online voting.

The Board of Directors is organized into five oversight committees, each having an important role in providing members with the support and resources they need to be successful. As the new board is seated in early 2015, committee chairmen will need to staff their committees. If you have an interest in participating in the leadership and direction of your company, please contact the network office and let them know which committee you would like information on. The network staff will put you in touch with the people who can best help you get involved.
The committees of the board are:

Professional Affairs – this is a committee that is responsible for providing educational resources so our doctors and staff members are well trained. They serve as the QA committee for our third party agreements and they mediate disputes among network members.

Vendor Relations – this committee is responsible for forming purchase agreements with companies that do business with network members. The committee has sub-committees in the areas of lab, frames, equipment, contact lenses and Vision Quest.

Political Affairs – the relationship the doctors of TSO have with the two optometry schools and the state association is the responsibility of this committee.

Operations – this committee stays on top of changes in third- party reimbursement, personnel management, billing and coding as well as areas where members’ can improve in managing their retail dispensary, in- house lab and clinic.

Advertising Committee – committee members are responsible for overseeing the programs that build and strengthen the equity in the TSO brand. They oversee the relationship the organization has with an outside advertising agency and provide direction for how members can best advertise and grow their practices.