Board Election Results

TSO Network Shareholders had the opportunity to cast a ballot in the 2015 Board of Directors election. It was recommended by the board that the shareholders approve the election for position of Director. Shareholders casted their votes starting November 20th and ending on December 9th, 2014. The results were clear and decisive with the proposed candidates receiving 87% approval by voting shareholders. The 2015 Board of Directors will consist of six shareholders and three non-shareholders. It is the opinion of the board that three newly elected candidates will bring important input, expertise and direction to the decisions and plans important to the organization’s success. The newly elected candidates will serve a three year term, the same as shareholder members.

Beginning in 2015, the shareholder members of the board will be:

Dr. Roland Montemayor
Dr. Steve Stanfield
Dr. Doug Jackman
Dr. Benny Pena
Dr. Michael Reade
Dr. Cameron Smith

The non-shareholder members will be:

Jay Binkowitz
Jack V. Gunion
John D. Marvin