Block Vision Update: HealthSpring Medicare Advantage Members

This is a reminder that HealthSpring has implemented changes to its wellness vision benefits for 2012.  HealthSpring members now have coverage for one comprehensive wellness vision examination with no copayment per calendar year.

When a HealthSpring member contacts your office to request a routine appointment or glaucoma screening, please verify the member’s benefits via the Block Vision website.  For members eligible for a routine examination, please schedule a comprehensive office visit to include glaucoma screening. 

In the past, some HealthSpring members were responsible for paying a copayment for their wellness eye exam.  Those members were eligible for a separate glaucoma screening on a standalone basis at no copayment.  For 2012, the standalone glaucoma screening is no longer necessary since members receive a comprehensive eye examination at no copayment.  Accordingly, when you log on to Block Vision’s website to obtain eligibility verification for HealthSpring members, you may notice changes to the member benefit screen.

Most HealthSpring members also have a benefit for eyewear, if needed.

HealthSpring members whose coverage does not include a comprehensive wellness eye examination benefit are still able to access the glaucoma screening benefit at no out-of-pocket cost.  For these members, the Block website eligibility verification screen will continue to show the glaucoma screening as an eligible benefit.

If you have any questions regarding wellness vision benefits for HealthSpring Medicare Advantage members, contact Block Vision at 866-819-4298.