Bill Fixers

The Vendor Relations committee is committed to continue to provide the Doctors of TSO with an extensive group of discounts on professional suppliers and materials. This month, the committee focused on providing the TSO offices a resource that can decrease spending on a variety of expenses, thus helping to achieve profitability through a company called BillFixers.

Bill Fixers, owned by brothers Ben and Julian Kurland, specializes in contacting service providers in areas such as software, cable, cell phone, internet, landlines, satellite television and radio, home security/alarm services, even newspaper subscriptions to lower bills for their clients. Led by a team of expert negotiators, the Bill Fixers team contacts your service providers on your behalf and negotiate better deals at lower prices. The team members find promotional rates, customer loyalty discounts, special packages, and additional credits to get you the lowest bill possible.

Ben Kurland stated, “For business owners, dealing with bills is just something that gets in the way of their actual work. Any minute that you spend on the phone with your TV, internet, or phone provider is a minute that you can’t spend treating patients or growing your practice. But, if you don’t spend time working on those bills, the costs can balloon and start to interfere with the work you’d rather be doing! The advantage of BillFixers is that you end up saving both time and money, so you get to spend your time working on what you care about, but you don’t have to worry about donating to your telecom providers. Our

guarantee is that if we can’t save you money, we don’t charge a penny. So, there’s really no downside to any of our clients—in less time than it would take to get through the hold menu with Comcast, you can have sent us a bill and we’ll start working! My family and I are committed to lowering your bills while you run your businesses.”

Dr. Michael Reade, a current client of BillFixers stated, “We gave Bill Fixers a try and they saved us several hundred dollars within a month on Cable TV billings. We will definitely begin sending them some more vendors to negotiate with.”

Bill Fixers works with companies such as XFINITY® by Comcast, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, NRG Energy and more. For more information on how to submit your bills at no cost, please visit and please mention that you are a TSO affiliated clinic.