Better Together

On Wednesday, September 28, we held our fifth board meeting of 2016. With the topic of a new membership agreement being at the forefront of this year, a number of shareholders took the time to attend this meeting.

Over the three hours allotted for an open discussion it became apparent that there was a lot of concerns which were expressed with an intensity of emotions.

The success and strength of our members’ practices has always been the number one priority of this board and all that I have served on over the years.

A couple of decisions were made during this meeting. First, we will not offer a new membership agreement but instead amend the current agreements to reflect the elimination of the five percent advertising contribution and the addition of a two percent brand license fee.

Second, a committee composed of both board members and shareholders will be asked to review the membership policies to see where areas of agreement can be reached in order to better represent and protect the Texas State Optical brand.

The board also decided to conduct a review of the company’s By Laws and created a joint committee of three board members and three shareholders for that purpose.

Openness and involvement have always been very important attributes of this board’s decisions and is reflected in the multiple opportunities which have been provided for shareholders to participate in these major changes to the organization and the members’ agreements.

If you have an interest in working with the board and being a part of developing ideas to move the

organization forward, please contact your board representative and let them know.

We have come a long way from where this Network was at its beginning in 2001. We have a lot of work yet to do and we welcome anyone who believes in the Texas State Optical brand and wants to be a big part of its future.