Bedside Peanuts

NEWS FLASH; Doctors with good bedside manners seem to get hassled less and rewarded more. I’ll spare you the citations and mini-lecture about what it means to your bottom line, but it’s clear you do more adding and less subtracting from it when you are nice. You know, like your mamma taught you to be? And we aren’t talking peanuts either.

Oh wait, now we can talk Peanuts. To me the world is still in balance if Snoopy is fighting the Red Barron and Linus is holding his security blanket and Schroeder is playing Mozart. No doubt Lucy is still one aggressive gal, while Charlie Brown is still a really nice kid. Have you ever wondered which Peanut character you were most like? For me, I have to consider I’m a mix of Lucy and Charlie Brown, because I’m aggressively nice.

If self-analysis and introspection are hard for you, please consider the following pearl of wisdom. Dr. Stephen Covey said “Fish discover water last.” And, they discover it quickly when they are out of it. We often forget the obvious about others and ourselves as well. People like to hear their name, a cheerful word, and their Doctor empathize with their challenges. You too might not know exactly what kind of feelings you broadcast to your patients, so I encourage you to take inventory of your personal communication toolkit and realize nice still sells. It’s like clean, crisp, clear water.

Being nice won’t ever take the place of competencies in your field, but being nice can always take the place of being less than nice. Being nice is a value-added service you can offer for FREE. Being nice in your practice gives nice returns. So, please consider having a nice day!

Sparky Nolan is a Chamber Executive, a Community Builder and a Public Relations Specialist. For expert advice on how to plug in to your community, Sparky can be reached via text at 832-633-6332 or e-mail at