Are You Registered with CAQH?

If you are registered with CAQH, it is your responsibility is to ensure that your documents are current with CAQH, and provide TSO network office with your CAQH ID number.

Every four months, you will receive a request from the CAQH to re-attest that all information in your application is current.  Spending approximately five minutes every 120 days reviewing your application will save you hours in the long run on unnecessary phone calls and faxes.  Avoid delays in processing your application by filling out forms and submitting licenses correctly:

  1. Work History:  You are required to document five years of work history, including beginning and ending month/year for each position, including your current position.  Any work history gaps of 30 days or more must be documented.
  2. Professional Liability Insurance:  The form (Certificate of Insurance) must clearly state “professional liability” and include your name, policy number, effective/expiration dates and minimum limits of $1 million occurrence and $3 million aggregate.
  3. Licenses:  You are required to submit all current licenses, including State Licenses, Optometric DEA Certificates and Controlled Substance Registrations (if applicable).

 At re-attestation, you should also review all previously submitted documentation such as CV, licenses, malpractice insurance and Board Certificate to ensure all documents have not expired.