Annual Board and HMCEC Election Announcement

The TSO Board of Directors consists of twelve shareholders divided into four classifications serving three year terms.  Each year, four of the twelve positions are up for election.  This rotation provides for continuity in leadership while at the same time offering opportunity for new shareholders to elected to the board.

Elections will be held for four positions on the Board of Directors and all nine positions on the Houston Marketing Council Executive Committee. If any member is considering entering their name for nomination for either or both ballots, please contact John D. Marvin at 713-953-7600.

Those who are nominated and agree to serve are then submitted to the Board of Directors nominating committee.  This committee reviews the nominees to ensure their qualifications to serve as a corporate director.  The approved nominees are then placed on a ballot and accompanied by a candidate profile. Voting for this year’s nominees will remain open for ten days.  At the end of the election period, the four candidates receiving the most votes will be elected to the board.