AlwaysCare Website Updates


AlwaysCare is creating a new website for Providers and Members.  Currently, AlwaysCare list all TSO doctors by name at each practice office location on their website.                                     


Very soon they will begin listing all TSO locations on their website but not the doctor’s individual names. This is being changed for claims processing purposes.  It will make it easier and quicker to process claims by not having to verify which doctor moved to which office. 



For website purposes viewable by AlwaysCare members, AlwaysCare will replace the doctor’s name with the words “Doctor of Optometry at (location).” 



When the new website is complete, you will be able to view each doctor listed at each office.  The only change will be what Members will see which will be the doctor’s name replaced with the words “Doctor of Optometry at (location).”