Alternative & Plan B Eyewear

Alternative & Plan “B” Eyewear were founded on the principles of bold, eclectic design. We build eyewear to meet our customer’s needs, and have 10 unique

collections to show for it. We focus on advanced eyewear technologies to create eyewear with exceptional fit, style and color. We believe in a grassroots approach to all that we do. We pride ourselves on live voice customer service and take a hands-on approach to product design, delivery and support. Inspiring designs and dedication to the eyewear industry is what keeps us striving forward. We believe that our people and product are what make the difference.

“I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to work with TSO. I have nothing but respect for the people I have met there. I know that our partnership will be to everyone’s benefit. I look forward to a long successful relationship”, said Alternative & Plan B Eyewear CEO Paul Storace.

The new agreement between the organizations is now in place and their sales and service teams will be reaching out to each of you over the next several

weeks. We can’t wait to be an extended part of your eyewear team.