Advertising Committee Report

Your advertising committee has been busy at work this year. I must take time to say thank you to all committee members who have taken extra time out of their practices and away from their families to work on a project that is important to all of us. We have had numerous conference calls, several day long meetings and hours and hours of discussion on what we can offer to our network doctors and their offices.

We have set our sights on three things that we hope to accomplish for 2015.

  1. To refresh the “Caring for the Eyes of Texas” message with a more contemporary look and
  2. Develop a comprehensive internet
  3. Create a local office marketing toolbox to allow offices to market and advertise to their local

At Vision Quest in Chicago, we were able to unveil the “new” Caring for the Eyes of Texas ads and marketing materials. Our committee reviewed numerous designs with the help of Love Advertising Agency. We felt that the new ads utilized diverse models, incorporated bright colors but kept the Caring message prominent.

Over the years, this phrase continues to test well with consumers. Love advertising is developing the components of numerous marketing pieces that your offices will be able to select on the TSO eStore. We hope to have all the parts available within the next few weeks. Once developed, you will be able to order different size ads, trunks show ads, thank you cards and billboard designs just to name a few. We will continue to add different marketing materials to give you a variety of choices and sizes in ads. I would encourage you to meet with your region marketing managers and start to plan ways for this year and beyond to create your local market campaign.

2015 Advertising Committee

Dr. Renee Dunlap 

Dr. Kevin Katz

Dr. Nitin Patel

Dr. Leigha Nielsen 

Dr. Jon House

Dr. Ly Nguyen

Dr. Douglas Clark 

Dr. Reid Robertson

Keep in mind that these marketing materials are only a part of the way that we advertise our offices and the TSO Brand. The way your office looks and smells, its curbside appeal, how your staff greets patients and answers the phone, how your staff is dressed and the customer service you provide your patients are all important to helping grow your practice. So this may be a great time to evaluate ways you can improve your office’s patient experience. The right mixes of ads, marketing materials and a top-notch staff and facility is what are needed to keep the TSO name strong for years to come.