Advertising and Marketing Best Practices From 2016

Dr. Leigha Nielsen

— Schertz TSO

“Here at Schertz TSO, we really try to utilize local companies, especially with advertising. We have print ads in the LOCAL magazine, in the Schertz magazine, and we usually buy space on the school’s athletics calendar. The benefits are great, not just from the obvious patient outreach, but also because we have a personal relationship with the representatives who are always quick to reply to any questions we have.

Aside from print advertisements, we have a large billboard right on Interstate 35 which has really given us a recognizable footprint in the community. With such a broad reach, we’ve made sure that our topic for advertising is something that can really benefit the local patient base.

Currently, we are making the most out of the TSO Kids campaign. I am passionate about pediatric care and through those efforts, our practice can develop a relationship with the entire family. At the end of the day, any advertising and marketing is only as good as the care we can provide to the patients it brings in, and so we try to treat the patient care process as starting not just when they check in, but from when they first see or hear about our practice here in Schertz.”