A Simple Solution to Grow Your Practice

I recently went to an all day advertising meeting. YUCK. All day in a chair debating and listening. But as usual I made plenty of money while I was there. I did not get paid. I received some valuable counsel that will help me grow my practice. Let me explain.

Last month I had a minor medical procedure. The next day a staffer from the doctor’s office called and asked how I was. How did I feel? And then she asked “did everyone treat me well?” WOW. Brilliant. What marketing. I thought I need to do that again. I used to call on my patients to get feedback and to keep my staff sharp. So, I came back to the office and had the dispensers write down the patient’s phone number and name on a piece of paper. Then I came up with a script on what I wanted my staff to say when they called. Everyone has some down time in the day to make a few calls. So, I figured that if my staff made the call and talked to the patient or left a message that would be a good thing.

At the advertising meeting we were  discussing what is marketing and advertising. I felt this was as good as it gets, so I told the story.  Then much to my displeasure Dr. Leigha Nielson said “no, “you” the doctor need to make the call. The patient will appreciate it more.” I did not want to hear that. I am busy already. But I, too, have some down time and I could stay 100% busy by doing this throughout the day as I used too. I could call at all hours of the day because everyone has cell phones with voicemail. We also have available from TSO network thank you notes for our staff to send to patients for coming to see us. Get those note cards and use them.

Now I know a good way to grow my practice, stay 100% busy. Going to meetings and hashing out decisions is very profitable. Get  involved somehow. Let anyone on the board know you are interested in serving. I give you my word, we will find you a place to get
you plugged in and we will all benefit.