A Little Off Axis

Five Least Favorite Things You Would Want to Hear a Patient Say: Part II

There are times when a patient can mention a few words and it makes us cringe. In this installment we are going to deal with some hated phrases that tackle product quality problems.

  1. “I don’t know how my glasses I just woke and they were this way,” said the innocent child.The issue here is not that aliens came down and broke this kid’s glasses in his sleep, but rather this child is afraid of who has to pay. You can always be the smart aleck and place the glasses on the table and wait for the aliens to come again. Or you can replace or repair the glasses with the smallest amount of discussion and in the quickest time. Understand the economics of losing an entire family’s exams, contacts and glasses forever over a $20 temple. Which one will make you go broke fastest? Drum roll please.
  1. “I was told my lenses were scratch-proof.”

Inform the patient that their lenses are scratch-resistant, but no lens is completely scratch proof and are not warrantied against abuse. Your patient may think, “Now, I’m real happy. You told me not only did you rip me off by lying to me when I purchased them, but now you’re saying I purposely scratched my own lenses.”

How do we alleviate this situation?

Every TSO offers a warranty to remake scratched lenses. Tell the patient that they are lucky they purchased them from TSO because we stand behind every pair of glasses we make. No questions, no arguments and no disrespectful repeating of a nonexistent policy. The policy is: replace them quickly, no questions asked and have the happy patient out the door.

The key when dealing with questions of quality of product is to get the patient out the door with a repair or replacement quickly. Exceed expectation. On the other hand, when dealing with complaints that question our ability to accurately fill a prescription, you want to take extra time with the patients to instill confidence.

Best regards and remember in life it can be right, wrong or just a little off axis.