Houston Marketing Council Update

After completing the elections of the 2015 Houston Marketing Council Executive Committee, a meeting was held on January 19 to discuss ideas about how best to advertise and promote our offices as a group.

The decision was made that we ask Love Advertising to prepare three different proposals each at a different budget level and bring them back to the committee at a meeting to be held February 3, 2015. The committee will then decide which, if any of the proposals they want to present to the entire council. When a proposal is ready to present to the entire Houston area group, then a meeting will be set with plenty of notice so that we can get as large a group as possible to attend the meeting. A vote will be taken at that meeting and if two-thirds of those voting approve the proposal, then all members of the Houston area council will contribute to support the program.

Ultimately, you will participate in deciding what is done as a group and how much is spent. I want to encourage you to participate and attend the market meeting once it is scheduled.

The new Executive Committee is working to make sure your money is invested where it can provide the best return for your office.

Also, please take advantage of your region manager and the support of the network office in looking for ways to improve and grow your practice. These are resources you are helping to pay for and I hope you take full advantage of them.

2015 Executive Committee
Dr. Marc Gold
Dr. Christy Jew
Dr. Nelson Juarez
Dr. David Lopez
Dr. Roland Montemayor
Dr. Ly Nguyen
Dr. Michael Reade
Dr. Rose Virani
Dr. Simon Yeung

Houston Region Managers Rosie Daniel Houston East Region 713.561.1627 rosie@tso.com John Soper Houston West Region 832.962.0662 john@tso.com

— Dr. Roland Montemayor