4th Quarter Results of TSO’s New Online Marketing Effort

Back in March 2012, Texas State Optical embarked on a new online marketing effort for your practices engaging EyeCarePro, one of the leading providers of web-based marketing services to the optometric market.  Over the following 8 months, EyeCarePro worked to provide unique and individual practices websites to 79 TSO practices all paid for by the TSO Corporate Marketing Group.

Having a website is no longer enough in today’s competitive and complex web environment and in September, a new service to provide search engine and social media optimization services, called ODLite, was deployed to 51 of the 79 participating practices.

Part of the ODLite service was a comprehensive online marketing program internally entitled, “Use It or Lose It (“UIOLI”), designed to educate the market about how to utilize year end insurance benefits.  This campaign involved a social media, or Facebook effort, and changes to each website, all designed to drive new traffic to our practices. The campaign took place over 3 months (mid-October through the end of January.


Unlike many online marketing companies, EyeCarePro designs and implements program for bottom line results.  These results are tracked on a practice by practice basis and also across TSO as a whole.

Monthly, each TSO practice with an EyeCarePro website has a Google Analytics report available and a Web Manager to review and explain the report.  Analytics reports provide website metrics and measurement such as:

  •        Number of visits (new)


  •  Number of visits existing


  •   Referral source


  • ·        Pageviews


  • ·        Keyword use



It is important to be measuring to guide future months’ work.  By way of example, here are some analytics for all of TSO practices during the fourth quarter:

TSO All Practices October November December Change

Oct – Dec

Visits 12869 15518 15743 18%
Pageviews 40168 41194 41482 3%
Pages/visit 2.7 2.65 2.63 -3%
New visits 77.07% 76.12% 76.21% -1%
Average time on page 1:35 1:40 1:46 10%
New appointments 195 194 200 3%


It is clear that search engine optimization efforts are working simply through the strong increase in visits during that period of time.  More consumers are coming to practices website than ever before.  However, our focus is literally on the bottom line – “New Appointments”.

Our “New Appointments” analytic is a measure of the number of new patients who have booked an appointment with a TSO practice using the “Book an Appointment” feature through the website. While we don’t have an exact measure, we also know that the website contribute to consumer calling your offices for an appointment as well. In the future, EyeCarePro will be providing a tool to measure the source of all office appointments as well.

In all, TSO acquired almost 600 new appointments across all practices through the website in the 4th quarter.  This represents almost 3 fold return on investment from online marketing activities and this is only the beginning.

In 2013, EyeCarePro is offering comprehensive campaigns to continue to drive business to the practices.  Practices who are not involved in the website program are invited to do so and practices who have a website but are not engaged in additional optimization services are encouraged to call their EyeCarePro representative, Mr. Michael Porat at 347-618-0784 for more information.

Make 2013 the year that you practice adopts online marketing as a practice building strategy.