4th Annual Optician’s Boot Camp

TSO will be hosting the Fourth Annual Optician’s Boot Camp for all interested TSO opticians and staff! This year’s programs will focus on connecting and successfully engaging with patients, sells tactics, and overcoming objections.

This year’s boot camp will be led by Mark Hinton, CEO and President of eYeFacilitate. Mark graduated with honors and received a degree in Opthalmic Dispensing & Engineering Technology from Hillsborough College in Tampa, Florida. He developed a very successful independent primary eye health practice with optical retail alone exceeding annual sales of $1.4 million dollars by 1997. Mark is a COPE certified and American Board of Opticianry certified educator. Currently, he is a partner in an optometric private practice. With his team, he develops, mentors, and coach’s practitioners and opticians based on real-time, real-life issues and circumstances which face the typical practice daily.

Program Overview:

TSO: Words Count! Change Your Words and Change Your World and Watch the Magic Happen!

What can you expect at this year’s workshop?

• What’s in a Name: Connect with your Patient and keep connecting. — Trust, sincere, caring, honest… – “Let’s walk the talk!”
• Scripts: Don’tcha just love ‘em? — Whose script are you using now? — A Roadmap to Developing Your Script! — A Case Study
• What’s the difference between 1 and 2? • Words! Words! Words! Do yours influence patience to buy more or buy less? — Do THEY dig your hole for you or do YOU dig your own hole?
• Stop shoveling and start selling! If patients don’t ask about it, don’t answer it! — Fewer words; less educating, unless they ask; and more reasons why others love “it”.
• SELL or Help! • Insurance: The “Vision Savings Plan”: Why calling it insurance will break your sale. — The “Patient Service Record”. — “Let’s walk the talk!”
• Polarized: Demonstrate for the Sun “The upfront seed plant”. — “I already wear them!” — 1/3 of all highway accidents…. — “Let’s walk the talk!”
• Social Proof: The Bandwagon Effect: Why it’s more powerful than your advice, alone! — “Let’s write the talk!” • Closing! — “Let’s walk the talk!”
• “How much do I get toward a frame?” Do you want them to buy more of your luxury frames? — How you say it will dramatically influence the consumer decision. — “Let’s walk the talk!”
• “Does it come in another color?” … Go Fish! — “Let’s write the talk!”
• What’s in a “Seg Height”? • People by benefits: — “What’s in it for me?” — Options Vs Choices: “Which is better, 1 or 10?”
• SunSense: What’s your strategy? — The Sun Frame?
• By a show of hands: Who here has a refined sunglass strategy, by design? — AMD: The leading cause of blindness…
• What do I gain; what do I risk? • I want my PD? • “Transitions?” …. “But it won’t work in the car!”… “But you’ll still need sunglasses!” — What will it do instead of what won’t it do? — What’s Contrast got to do with Transitions and Polarized?
• What do you need from your doctors? — “Just a little change this time!” — “I’ll prescribe for your outdoor glasses to reduce risk of sun-related eye disease!”
• Q&A on The White Board!