26.2 More Than Just a Sticker

You’ve probably seen the sticker, 26.2 while driving to the office. For some, it is a weird symbol for a cult. For others, it is inspiration. And for those who proudly display the sticker, it is a reminder of passion, dreams, accomplishments, and a commitment to crazy.

In September of 2012, Richard Michener (staff member of Keller TSO) set out on a quest to exercise. Realizing that he needed to do something other than eat Nutella sandwiches and watch Netflix, he decided to become active and participate in a 5K race. His first day of training consisted of a five minute walk, a two minute jog, and a five minute walk. “During the jogging section, I seriously questioned what I was doing. This had to be the dumbest idea I had ever had,” said Richard.

It took about three weeks before Richard began to enjoy his exercise regimen. He quickly became addicted after participating in his first 5k. Next, there was a 10K, a half marathon (which you may have seen his medal at Vision Quest 2013), a 25K, and then a full-fledged marathon.

Richard has now set a goal of completing a marathon in each state. He realizes that this will be a slow and steady process, but it will allow him to see our great nation and keep him motivated. So far, Richard has ran in two states; Texas and Chicago.