2014 ICD-10 Updates

October 1, 2014 is the compliance date for implementing ICD-10 and you must be ready.

Here are a few tasks/activities to ensure a smooth ICD-10 transition:

  • Inform your staff of upcoming changes
  • Identify how ICD-1-0 will affect your practice
  • How will ICD-10 affect your people and processes?
  • Ask all staff members how/where they use/see ICD-9.
  • Ask your payers and vendors (software systems, clearinghouses, billing services) about ICD-10 readiness.
  • Review changes in documentation requirements and educate staff by looking at frequently used ICD-9 codes and new ICD-10 code.

Click here for 2014 ICD-10 updates


Note:  Both OfficeMate and Crystal are aware of the upcoming ICD-10 requirements and are formulating a plan to incorporate the codes into their software programs well before the October 1 compliance date.