2013 Hallmark Holiday Cards Delivered!

Did your office participate in the 2013 Hallmark holiday card program? If not, plan to in 2014!

This year’s Hallmark holiday program was a triumph. Over 90,000 holiday cards were mailed to patients of TSO from TSO Network offices across the state.

The design of this year’s Hallmark holiday card was bright and lighthearted on the front of the card as a mother and daughter with intertwined arms say, “Caring is a gift you can see in a loved one’s eyes.”

Once opened, the card reads, “Wishing you the most important gifts of the season —the ones that come from the heart.”

This year’s cards communicated our appreciation and care for our patients. Having the Hallmark logo on the back of the cards added a warm touch of quality that is recognized with the Hallmark brand. Adding more impact was the option to have the cards signed with the full names of up to three doctors and staff and the name of your TSO location. These wonderful cards not only build loyalty to the TSO brand, but the enclosed gift checks encourage patients to take action and visit their TSO.

This fourth quarter promotion was nothing short of making the TSO legacy campaign a tangible gesture for our patients. Each TSO Network office is encouraged to participate in this valuable program in the future.