2012 Third quarter advertising and marketing program

Each year the third quarter presents a special opportunity for our network members.  As parents and students prepare to go back to school, many are taking stock of the items and services needed to head back to school.

This year, we continue to build on the strong, research driven position of the Doctors of Texas State Optical caring for patients, in particular, student patients.

It is combined with an in-office sales presentation program designed to help patients understand the benefits of owning more than one pair of prescription eyewear for different lifestyle reasons.


This advertising and marketing program has three objectives:

1. Increase the number of exams performed during the ten weeks between July 23,2012 and September 29, 2012

2. Increase the revenue generated per exam

3. Increase patients’ awareness of the benefit of owning more than one pair of prescription eyewear



Radio advertising is recommended as the primary medium for the third quarter campaign and can be supported with other traditional as well as social media. Additional resources such as internal marketing materials and social media images are also available for you to make the most impact during this important time of year.


Sales Presentation Program

This year we are adding a new approach to helping patients select their best options for eye wear through the use of a presentation of collections based on lifestyle. The lifestyle collections are an effective approach to helping patients learn the benefits of owning multiple pair of prescription eyewear. Its effectiveness is its consistent application by you and your staff.  The program is developed around three steps:


1.   The introduction by the doctor who explains and prescribes different lens options available for improving the quality of their eye care and the benefit of more than one pair of eyewear;
2.   The presentation by the office staff who, with the aid of the flip chart, can quickly review with the patient the features and benefits of the different lenses the doctor as recommended and prescribed.
3.   The follow-up by staff to send a hand-written personal note thanking the patient for their visit and purchase.  After two weeks, a telephone call provides another opportunity to check on the patient’s satisfaction with their purchase and remind them of the lens options the doctor prescribed but the patient did not purchase.


All of the materials and instruction needed for a successful third quarter program was included in your marketing and advertising package shipped to your office the first week of July.  If you did not receive an advertising and marketing package, please contact Rod Windham at Rhymes at 713-213-2804.  Rod will also assist you and your office in learning the presentation and follow through steps of the program.